Skye grew up in rural Kentucky driven by a lesson her father instilled in her at an early age - do what you love. Throughout her life she has explored multiple facets of creativity through art, music, and design. Graduating from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Art Studio, Skye enjoyed finding her voice in fiber arts. Upon earning her degree she traveled to Indonesia to further expand he knowledge culturally, artistically, and spiritually.

Skye’s admiration for the outdoors translates to inviting earthy schemes with an indigenous twist in her designs. Her approach, no doubt, is an untapped take on design that is rarely seen in this area. Her work as an artisan and background in various areas of the design industry enhanced he knowledge in the broad scopes of the trade.

At home Skye enjoys spending time with her ever blossoming little girl. They often find themselves elbow deep in paint or creating artful messes in the kitchen. Between school programs, swimming lessons, and ballet, the duo maintains a steady pace of controlled chaos. Outside of being a mother, she loves to stay active and travels any chance she gets. Taking on the unexpected the story of her life…